Bravo Summer Tutoring

Quality French language holiday programs


French Summer Classes is a summer program provided by Bravo learning. Our aim is to provide individuals, families and groups with quality French language holiday programs that are fun, educational, intellectually challenging and culturally rewarding.

Dates and courses schedule:

  • New sessions start on 2nd Monday of July. You may choose the date that is best for you. You may also choose a different date and time if you plan an one-to-one course.
  • Our French study programme is designed so you can start any week between 2nd Monday of July and last Friday of August, without repeating the same lesson.

Lessons cover:

  • Speaking
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Reading comprehension
  • Writing skills
  • Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation
  • Teachers use a wide range of teaching resources to meet your specific level, interests and expectations.


  • In order to guarantee you high quality teaching, you will be taught by our professional, friendly, engaging and fun French-native teachers with rich and varied backgrounds.
  • They all hold the necessary university diplomas to teach French as a second language and have extensive successful experiences teaching French in schools, institutes and universities in the area and abroad.
  • They are selected for their enthusiasm, their ability to create a lively, amusing and motivating atmosphere in classroom environment through the active participation of the students.
  • Thanks to their lively teaching, you will improve your oral, written skills and enjoy learning French language and culture.

Are you ready to achieve greatness?

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