Group tutoring Program

One of the hallmarks to Bravo Learning’s success is that we offer a variety of programs for every level, age group and linguistic profile that are created around provincial guidelines but are fully customizable based on individual needs. Our programs are constantly enriched with new resources and activities. We follow a modern, result-oriented and communicative approach that makes learning both effective and fun.

Our programs are currently offered on a one-on-one basis. To accelerate results and to enrich our current offerings, we are now offering the following new group programs that will complement students’ specific areas of need.

1.Book Club

This activity is for grades 1 to 12. Students will be amalgamated into groups of 4 to 8 based on reading level and interest. Each session is 2 hours in length. Students will be paired up and complete a written and oral reading report for a book of their choice on a biweekly basis.

Bravo Learning will provide reading materials and books, but students are welcome to bring in their own.

2.Creative writing Club

The aim of the Creating Writing Club will be to bring a fun element to writing and to make students realize the power of writing. Students will be taught effective writing techniques and how to develop ideas. If necessary, this may also include a revision of grammar concepts. They will be equipped with all the tools needed to transform a simple sentence into an essay. Students will also learn how to write more naturally, concisely and with greater confidence. This program is intended for students in grades 6 to 12.

3.Conversation Club

Conversation Club will offer students enrolled in Core French
or French Immersion an intense, 100% oral practice in French under the guidance of a trained and native French teacher or tutor. Activities will include vocabulary warm-up and repetition, casual conversation, mock interviews, role plays and simulations with the support of a variety of audiovisual materials.

In our Conversation Club, students will be instructed to converse only in French. Students will be provided with a list of key and useful phrases that will enable them to follow their teacher’s instructions and ask simple questions in class. Students may attend our sessions once or twice a week at a level commensurate to their needs

4.Math Help

Math is a fundamental skill that not only helps to open doors but is also essential in everyday life and the development of logical and critical thinking. With each successive grade, new concepts build on more basic ones, and it is important to establish a solid foundation to ensure continued growth and success. We cover a wide range of topics, including those in the Ontario curriculum

5. Homework club

Homework Club is a program offered for grades 1 to 12. The program provides an opportunity for students to improve his or her academic skills by getting help with homework by a trained tutor. This program will be offered at the below times:

Activities may include:

  • preparing for tests
  • engaging in creative writing activities
  • working on math facts and concepts
  • completing homework assignments
  • reading books and novels

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